GrassNet adresses innovative basic and applied research questions of grassland science using interdisciplinary approaches on different scales.

Land use and climate change in vulnerable natural grasslands are raising pressing questions about the ecosystem's response mechanisms, adaption and options for sustainable land use practices.


GrassNet Spin-Off Projects:

dot Mutual learning of livestock keepers and scientists for adaptation to climate change in pastoral areas (Small grant founded by BMZ)
dot Grassland restoration in Northern China from a whole plant perspective (GrassRest) 2011-2013 (GIZ/BMZ small grant)
dot Developing sustainable grassland management options for carbon sequestration and livestock production in Northern Argentina
dot GrassRest

Related projects:

dot MAGIM - Matter fluxes in grasslands of Inner Mongolia as influenced by stocking rate (founded by DFG, 2004-2010) (external link)
dot Livelihood diversifying potential of livestock based carbon sequestration options in pastoral and agro pastoral systems in Africa (GTZ/BMZ)